16 July, 2010

js 034-from the Biography of Yang Hu

Selection from the Jin shu biography of Yang Hu,  js034.1020/6-9

   樂 山 水 , 每 風 景 , 必 造 峴 山 , 置 酒 言 詠 , 終 日 不 倦 . 嘗 慨 然 歎 息 , 顧 謂 從 事 中 郎 鄒 湛 等 曰 : 自 有 宇 宙 , 便 有 此 山 . 由 來 賢 達 勝 士 , 登 此 遠 望 , 如 我 與 卿 者 多 矣 ! 皆 湮 滅 無 聞 , 使 人 悲 傷 . 如 百 歲 後 有 知 , 魂 魄 猶 應 登 此 也 . 曰 : 公 德 冠 四 海 , 道 嗣 前 哲 , 令 聞 令 望 , 必 與 此 山 俱 傳 . 至 若 湛 輩 , 乃 當 如 公 言 耳 .

        Hu loved natural scenery. Whenever the weather was fine, he would visit Mount Hsien, where he had wine served and poetry recited, without tiring all day long. Once he heaved a deep sigh, looked at his followers--Tsou Chan and others--and said to them: “From the beginning of the world, this mountain has always been here. All along, worthy and outstanding men have climbed up here to enjoy the distant view. There have been many like you and me, who have perished without leaving a reputation behind. This makes one sad. If a hundred years from now there are conscious souls, they are still bound to climb up here.” Chan said: “Your virtue caps all within the four seas, in your conduct you are the heir of former sages. Your noble reputation, your noble fame will surely be preserved together with this mountain. As for the rest of us, it will be as you have said.” 

Translated by  Hans Frankel
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