18 July, 2010

js 035-from the Biography of Pei Wei

Selection from the Jin shu biography of Pei Wei,  js035.1044/4-6

       ,宗 .方 ,庶 .形 ,有 .夫 ,則 ,偏 ,故 .是 ,所 .理 ,所 .有 ,所 .. . . 

       The mingling of all origins in chaos, this is the Way (Dao) of the Supreme Principle. The localization following upon the diversity of species, this is the classification into categories, Differentiation of forms and of phenomena is the essential basis for the existence of all creatures. The alternation of the influences is the origin of orderliness (li). While the various species are established by classification, their natural disposition inclines that way. The inclination is not sufficient in itself; that is why it depends on external matter. Thus whatever might be regarded as reason in life itself is called orderliness. The substance (ti) of orderliness is called existence (you). That on which existence depends is called matter (zi) . . .

Translated by Étienne Balázs
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